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With over 20 years experience as a diamond and semi-precious stone setter, I wanted to create my own jewellery pieces and experiment with different mediums. I began designing silver pendants and earrings, integrating pieces of found wood, and have discovered a passion for the world of enameling and cloisonné.

When working with enamels, it is exciting to look through the layers of glass to the world beneath and all the vivid colours that are displayed. You never know exactly what you are going to get!

I love the journey that working with my hands, and using these materials takes me on. Sometimes I have a plan as to what I want to do and other times I go with the flow; shaping the metals, layering the enamels and finding just the right place for each semi-precious stone. Incorporating all these elements add to the mystery and magic of my designs.

Thanks for visiting my website and enjoy the journey!

Cloisonné Enameling

Square pendant with a woman's face
Mystique - Wire Layout

The basic process of enamelling is when vitreous enamel – specially formulated ground glass – adheres to precious metals, copper, silver and gold by means of extreme heat.

It is an ancient craft which the Japanese, Chinese, Celts, Greeks and Egyptians used. It eventually found its way to Italy , France, Russia and England and other European countries

Square pendant with a woman's face
Mystique - Final Output

There are three types of enamelling. Opaque, where light cannot pass through; Transparent, where light passes through easily to the base metal; and finally Opalescent, where light passes through slightly with an opal like effect. They are all beautiful, lustrous and the colours last forever.

Cloisonné Enamelling is the process where fine wires form “cells” and very thin layers of enamel are placed within the cells and merged together with heat.Foils and engravings can also applied to the base metal. After 4 to 5 layers the enamel is ground down to a smooth surface with the wires showing. A process of different grit sand papers with water are use to get the surface just right and then a final polish to give it a dazzling shinny finish.


Pendant with a yellow stone and silver chain
Pendant and silver chain
Butterfly Wing
Green round pendant & chain
Five Diamonds
Golden pendant with chain
Golden Trim
Square pendant with a woman's face
Little Secret
Square pendant with a woman's face
Round Pendant with chain
New Beginnings
Eight star silver pendant with black rope chain
Patty Pan
Triangle pendent with red chain
Rainbow Flame
Reddish Brown Pendant
Rounded square silver & copper pendant
Square Pendant
Rounded Tringle Pendant
Three Corners
Two Hearts merged into one pendant with silver chain


Green Heart Earring
Green Earring
Green Heart Earring
Red Earring
Red Heart Earring
Grey Earring
Green Heart Earring
Yellow Earring
Green Heart Earring
Blue Earring


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